Ready for Christmas

Four days to go, but it doesn’t feel like Christmas! I guess because I’ve never been abroad at Christmas before. I’ve chilled out by the beach, been to a Carol Concert, admired the decorations in Benitatxell and relaxed in the garden with my early present from Santa. But the strangest thing of all, my mum and dad are sitting in cafes, drinking coffee (or mulled wine) relaxing in the sunshine. No mad rush, no panic buying of presents, no stress. Don’t know what’s going on, but it seems good to me. I miss the three small people in the family who always give me such great cuddles, but I think they will be busy having parties at home and counting the days until Santa arrives down their chimney. I’m counting the days too and dreaming of a walk on the beach.

One thought on “Ready for Christmas

  1. Sounds wonderful , as long as it’s coffee and the likes and not that nasty wine stuff , you know what can happen once they start on that !


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